Bus with closeup of handicapped sticker

Eliminating transportation barriers

Commuting to and from work can be a significant barrier to competitive employment for people with disabilities.

Here are some things your business should be aware:

  • An inclusive workplace is one that considers the transportation needs of everyone. If your business regularly provides transportation to the general workforce, you are required by law to provide transportation to people with disabilities.
  • If an employee with a disability experiences difficulty getting to work due to a lack of transportation options resulting from the individual’s disability, and is not able to comply with an employer’s work schedule policies, a barrier to employment exists.
    • In this case, if an alteration in the work schedule policies would resolve the employee’s transportation problem, the employer may be required to modify the work schedule policies. If such an alteration falls within the definition of a “reasonable accommodation” under the Americans with Disabilities Act.


When you eliminate transportation barriers, you are able to more fully utilize the skills of all employees by improving the quality of the work experience. Create an open dialogue about reasonable accommodations and inform your staff of policies regarding transportation accommodations. By developing a work environment where employees can voice concerns about accommodations, you are empowering employees and cultivating an inclusive culture in your workplace.