Publications for Employers

Publications for Employers

Work Without Limits Briefing Document

Work Without Limits Briefing Document

Quick Tips: Visual Disabilities and Service Animals

Quick Tips: Visual Disabilities and Service Animals

Employer Toolkit

The “Become an Employer of Choice” toolkit is a guide for moving your company forward towards becoming an employer of choice for people with disabilities. An Employer of Choice is one that embodies its commitment to full inclusion of people with differing abilities by:

  • Creating advertising and marketing materials that speak to people with disabilities;
  • Educating its management team to be comfortable with disability in the workplace;
  • Fostering supplier relationships with disability-owned businesses and more!

The “Become an Employer of Choice” toolkit holds a wealth of information and resources for your company. You can download the toolkit items for free (see below), or purchase hard copies by emailing To view the Employer Toolkit webinar click here.

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Quick Tips
Fact Sheets

Disability Etiquette Fact Sheet

Disability etiquette is nothing more than ensuring that effective communication and positive interactions occur with everyone you meet. The needs and abilities of people with disabilities vary from person to person, even among individuals who are considered to have a similar type of disability. Some people require no more assistance from you than anyone else, while others may in fact need some assistance with certain things at certain times.

Promising Practices – AMC Entertainment

AMC's FOCUS program began in 2010 through a partnership with AMC Entertainment and the Autism Society of America and launched at one theater location in Kansas City, MO. FOCUS' main objective is to provide employment opportunities to qualified individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Read their Promising Practice to learn more about their FOCUS Program which has been replicated at 70 AMC theatres and by April 2011, all 300+ AMC theatres had implemented the program. 

Promising Practices – Museum of Science

The Museum is committed to community outreach, and has forged many connections that offer training and support for students.

Promising Practices – EMC2 Corporation

EMC’s vision of full inclusion is carried out with a three-pronged approach encompassing executive accountability, talent management, and global expansion.

Menu of Services

Employing People with Disabilities: A Menu of State Agency Resources for Massachusetts Employers is a resource guide of Massachusetts state agencies networks and services, that are available to support your business and its employees, and that will help you hire, accommodate, retain, and promote employees with disabilities. Some of the agencies serve a broad population of people with disabilities, while others are focused on a particular type of disability, such as blindness or mental health.

Recommendations from Massachusetts Businesses

Recommendations from Massachusetts businesses for increasing employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Work Without Limits Corporate Sponsorship Packages and Levels

Work Without Limits Corporate Sponsorship Packages and Levels (effective January 2017)

Disability Etiquette Tips

Disability Etiquette Tips